Thoughts on 2010

December 17, 2010

Another year is almost in the books, and we at Denison Cellars are happy to say that the 2010 vintage is in barrel, with malolactic fermentation complete, so now we can slow down and enjoy the holiday season!

This year may have been the most challenging winemaking year that I can remember. The vineyard started out at least two weeks late, a trend that continued throughout the growing season. Temperatures were cooler than normal, precipitation higher, and there was a distinct lack of sunshine that has us already sick of winter weather! You could say it was a year without a summer. It was also a year for the birds. Literally. As if we were living a Hitchcock movie, thousands of birds swarmed the vineyards and ate more than their fair share! All that aside, we are very excited about the way the wines have turned out thus far, and although yields were less than one ton per acre, the resulting wines should be excellent, if not plentiful.

Denison Cellars reached several exciting milestones in 2010, including label and web site design, and successfully navigating our second harvest. Most importantly, we successfully bottled our first release, the 2009 Denison Cellars Kiff Vineyard pinot noir. And while it is not quite ready for release, it is showing great promise, and as hard as it is, we will patiently wait until the time is right in the spring.

In reflecting back on this past year, while there was no shortage of challenges, we are mostly grateful for all the support provided by friends, family and wine industry professionals. Without their continued support, Denison Cellars could not have become reality. We hope you join us as our journey continues in the coming year.

Happy holidays!

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